Star Babies Learning Center

Our Mission

We are an educational center emphasizing in the facilitation and growth of children’s social development, communication, cognitive, artistic, and physical abilities. We aim to help children build their own identity while exposing them to an environment where the right tools are at their grasp and in unison with the support and loving care of their parents.

Our commitment is to promote healthy aspects of their personalities as a whole with the guidance of their teachers. Our teachers constantly update their curriculum in order  to provide the best opportunity for the children to reach the goals needed for a solid foundation and a successful transition from preschool to elementary school.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the first five years in the life of a child are the most important.

Therefore, our goal is to work with a curriculum that will allow social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development that is appropriate to the child's age. We will provide the appropriate environment and the necessary skills to assure their opportunities of growth in all areas of their development.

Our second goal is to get to know each child individually, their roots, culture, past experiences, and developmental stages, which is obtained through a curriculum. The curriculum responds to the individual needs of each child.

Our third goal is to create a secure, clean, and healthy atmosphere that will stimulate the learning process. We will provide educational materials and toys appropriate for each learning level, which is needed for an active learning environment, the key element of our curriculum.

Our last goal is to establish a solid relationship with our parents and our community, for them to support us in providing and maintaining an appropriate learning environment for the children during their first five years of life.



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